Heather Curtis Photography


This project was a very rewarding challenge. It was a full site design and build that had to be done on a shoe-string budget. ExpressionEngine's license fee can be prohibitive, so instead I used the CodeIgniter PHP framework, which is the underlying framework on which EE is built.

Front End

I designed the site and logo to match the artist's strong use of nature and nature themes in her work. The beautiful cascading photo gallery is a great jQuery plugin called Galleria. I programmed the entire site myself, including HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP, and PayPal.

Back End

As mentioned above, I built heathercurtisphotography.com using the CodeIgniter framework. It was a sometimes mind-bending challenge to wrap my head around PHP and the CodeIgniter Controller-Model-View system, but by the end of the project I had a firm grasp on the concepts. This ended up being the groundwork that enabled me to get into custom ExpressionEngine plugin and extension development later on.